Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breakfast Egg Muffins

I have seen these a few times on Facebook and Pinterest. They are yummy concoctions of bread, egg, and whatever your imagination can think of. I have cooked these three different times to see which one I liked best. All you need is the following:
    A muffin tin-not the small muffin tin (don't ask how I know this).
    Butter, I can't believe it's not butter, or something along those lines. I did try it once with cooking spray on the bottom with good results.
Preheat your oven to 350

How you put this part together is really a matter of preference. The first time I did it I buttered the bread and stuffed one piece each into the muffin cups. The bread ripped, I kept poking holes through the bread and swearing at it for not cooperating. If you can do it, kudos to you. I am not Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. I found it easier to spray the muffin tins with olive oil based cooking spray.

I then buttered a piece of bread and tore it in half. I stuffed one half butter side up (I make a mess also, so yes you will have butter on your fingers) to make the bottom of the cup.

I then used the other half for the sides. The nice part about having the butter on the inside is once you start to push the pieces down the side and into the bottom they will kind of gel together.

I recommend that you try to get the bread up above the sides of the muffin cup. No holes in your bread cup. You don't want the egg to run down the outside of your muffin cups.

If you are going to use bacon or any other ingredient except the cheese, add it now. I recommend only using pre cooked bacon, I don't think it would cook otherwise.
Next you have to crack an egg and drop it into each cup. You will find out here if you made a fatal error or not. My first try I put too much bread in and the egg leaked out everywhere! It was a mess! You can do this! Once you have this part down, you add salt and pepper if you want. I add mine here because I have tried it afterwards and the salt just bounces off.

Cook it up for about 20 minutes on the middle rack.

Next you can add the cheese and put it in for a few minutes more.

To get them out of the tin, just use a small fork, its easiest, and you won't be swearing at it for not cooperating.

Here are the pics of the ones I made today. I forgot to spray the pan with cooking spray, but they turned out ok anyway.