Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Creepy Kevin Bacon rule of 5 that applies to YouTube!

I need a place. A place to document my various projects. I'm on a quest to become a Jack Jill of all trades. I have followed Pinterest and some other bloggers for a while now. I've always said to myself "I bet I could do that" when looking at all the cool stuff out there, then proceeded to sit at the computer gazing at all the nifty things people are doing for the next two hours. There is a buffet of all the awesome stuff out there, you can't help but follow the trail. Then suddenly, with no warning, you find the weird section of YouTube. The section you would never search for in a million years, but somehow you are watching it anyway. If you have never tried this, I suggest it for some real entertainment. Start with one video and then pick one on the sidebar that is a "recommended" video. Do this 5 times and you will find yourself in the weird section of YouTube. I wish I knew how it works, but believe me it does. Lets go on a journey together, shall we?

Lets say I've been thinking about maybe making some pottery. A simple YouTube search off the first page gets me to 1 layer in:

Now two videos in, nothing showing up yet, and we are learning a bit about pottery:

And before my wandering eyes doth appear this gem from the world of crazytown:

Now I wish this were the end of no no my fellow travelers of the internet! We are but 3 videos in! This is only slightly weird. We are almost into the twilight zone.
Now for video four, and the reason reality TV is so popular in American television. "How did I get here from just wanting to learn pottery?" you ask yourself. There is no good answer, but you are this far in and there is no turning back. Ladies and gentlemen...may I present to you....

Now for the 5th and final video:

So for my first blog post we have gone far together, you and I....we learned a bit about pottery, why people hate Americans, why people live in their vans and the Cold Boundary between China and Russia. Who knew!